H2O silkscreen ink for paper

Joop Stoop

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H2O silkscreen ink is a watebased ink for printing on paper, cardboard and raw wood.
It is available in transparent plastic jar of 1 liter.

Screens have to be coated with water-resistant emulsion
Printing is possible on cardboard, paper (at least 130gsm) and wood. Advised meshes are P77T to P140T.
Ink's quick drying time and resistance are excellent.

It can be diluted with 10 to 15% of water but if needed, it is possible to add 10% of water or 5% of retarder (in case of high temperature and dry air).

Drying time at room temperature depends on the porisity of paper (if no oven) and humudity. It takes approximately 6 minutes.

We advise to clean ink immediately after printing. In case of dried ink cleaning can be done with H2O cleaner.

This ink is entirely odorless and does not contain any heavy metal.
All colours are mixable and have a splendid satin brilliance.
In original packaging, conservation can be done during one year.