H2O silkscreen ink for textile

Joop Stoop

16,25 € tax incl.

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H2O silkscreen ink is a watebased ink for printing on light colored cotton fabrics and certain synthetic fibres. Highly pigmented, ink is supple, with no relief and very flexible.

 It is available in transparent plastic jar of 0,5l.

Screens have to be coated with water-resistant emulsion. Advised meshes are P34T to P90T.

We advise to clean screen immediately after printing with warm water and detergent. In case of difficulty cleaning can be done with stencil remover or H2O cleaner.
The drying is done at 150°C. for 3 minutes (possible with an iron) for a good resistance during washing.
Dilution is possible with maximum 10% of water or retarder.
Conservation in the jar can be up to 2 years.