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Developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic, the SLÁMA PRESS presses are powerful, ingenious, ergonomic and beautiful tools.
The originality of the SLÁMA PRESS system lies in the combined action of the rotation of the balls and the rotation of the plate in which the balls are held. This system, designed for relief printing ( linoleum, wood, etc.), ensures a homogeneous and efficient pressure and does not require any particular physical force, also allowing the use by young printmakers from 5 years old.

This small press model is suitable for manual printing of small formats or finishing of limited print areas.
This ball system also allows the printing of monotypes, lithographs or even etching

Material: all stainless steel
Diameter of the disc: 75mm
Ball diameter: 6mm
Number of balls: 50
Height: 50mm
Weight: 550g

The product is delivered in an original wooden stand, which can be placed on a table top or hung on a wall.

Warranty: 5 years
Designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic, protected by the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic and OHIM EU.

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