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Polyester litho starter kit

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This kit contains essential supplies to start polyester litho.

If you have an etching press, you can go!

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    In box of 12 sticks.   Used in lithography for drawing on stones, alu and zinc plates, or on films but also used as a...

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    Hard Rubber inking brayer (60° shore) with plastic handle. Diameter is 4cm. Available in 3 widths: 5cm, 10cm and...

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    All colors are conditioned in 0,5kg and 1kg cans. Transparent white is available in 1kg and 2,5kg cans, glow colors...

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    The JS Opal was developed for intaglio printing. Its fine grain and its sizing (only internal) make it suitable for...


Les plaques litho polyester

Description de la lithographie et du fonctionnement général des plaques litho polyester

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3 cas techniques étape par étape

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