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Graphic Chemical

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Printers the world over have used Graphic Chemical's inks since 1920. In more than 90 years of ink manufacturing, Graphic Chemical has acquired much knowledge about what works and what doesn't. The compagny manufactured inks for very great artists, for great artists, and for artists on the verge of greatness. These reliable inks lend themselves to all types of etching.

A few notes about GC's black inks:
Bone black 514 is the most widely used black etching ink, and its formula dates back to the 20s. Its foundation is the ivory black pigment, from animal bones.
Blue Black 327 originates from the same famous recipe for Graphic Chemical's Bone Black, to which a very intense blue was added to obtain a colder, blacker hue.
Stiff Black 135 is developed from a distinctive formula that creates a thicker, more concentrated black ink than Bone or Blue Black.
Vine Black 1014 was invented after World War II, and offers a slightly warmer black color. Its pigment comes from burning grape vine stems.
Frankfurt Black 2275 is a combination of Vine and Bone black.