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Hotplate VTL-65*


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It is used to warm a plate in order to allow ink to well penetrate into the grooves.
It is also usefull for applying hard and soft grounds in ball form, but not advised for melting aquatint rosin because of the lack of temperature regularity given to the plate.

Technical datas:
Aluminium cover size: 65x100cm (thickness 0,5mm)
Weight: 23kg
Voltage: 230V
Electric power: 1500W
Height: 10cm
Temperature: 30 - 110°C
Time to reach temperature: 10min

This equipment complies to the European Standard IEC 335-1 "Safety of household and similar electrical appliances".
It is produced according to the CE-standards (Guidelines Machinery and Magnetic Compatibility) and bears the marking "CE".
This equipment does not contain any asbestos insulating material.