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Exposure unit for photopolymer plates and films and sensitized litho alu plates
Working surface: A3

The UV.EXP is an exposure unit with UV light tubes and with a vacuum frame. Its portable size allows images A3 size maximum.
Practical and easy to handle, it suits for any application on photopolymer plates and films (as exposure of photosensitive materials). Simple and fast production. The vacuum frame is included. Electronic programming of the exposure timer.
Exposure adjustable antil 9min59 seconds.

Technical datas:
Max. size of picture or image : A3 (29,7x42cm)
Power of lamps : 6x 18W
Wavelenght of radience : 365nm
Pressure of vacuum : 0,4bar
Tension alternating current (50 Hz)
Performance : 0,225Kw

Height : 140mm
Width : 625mm
Depth : 605mm
Weight : 16kg

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