Awagami Mingeishi 48gsm


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Mingeishi is a classic and traditional washi favored by Japanese artists for centuries. Each sheet of Mingeishi is skillfully made with a blend of premium alpha cellulose and kozo (mulberry) fiber. Although Mingeishi's surface is fairly soft and the sheet is lightweight, this paper exhibits superior overall strength and is highly resilient. This versatile washi is suitable for mixed media artworks and all types of printmaking, especially advised for Chine-collé

Weight: 48gsm
Size: 64x97cm

Colours (+ Awagami item number):

Light pink (M-1)
Mustard yellow (M-4)
Brick red (M-16)
Cherry red (M-19)
Light violet (M-21)
Brown ochre (M-25)
Deep blue (M-27)
Black (M-32)
Spring green (M-35)
Peach (M-38)
Ochre (M-41)
Light blue (M-49)
Sky blue (M-50)
Navy blue (M-53)
Bordeaux (M-56)
Natural white (M-58)
White (M-59)
Off white (M-60)
Sand (M-64)
Ash grey (M-65)
Deep green (M-71)

Manufacturer: Awagami Factory
Composition: 70% alpha cellulose - 30% kozo
Sizing: no
Watermark: no
Edges: deckle edges, hand made

Worldwidely famous for the quality of its papers, Awagami Factory can trace its papermaking roots back to 1825.
In 1984 Minoru Fujimori was honored as a Master Craftsman and awarded the medal for Technical Excellence in recognition of his efforts to preserve the art of making Awa Washi ( paper from Tokushima).
Since then, his son Yoishi and the family are proud to continue the papermaking tradition, this most ancient and honorable Japanese craft.