Garzapapel engraving 260gsm


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Garzapapel Engraving paper (grabado) is made by hand, sheet by sheet, out of 100% recycled cotton fibers.
Its natural medium grain texture is the result of pressing sheets between wooden felts.
These specifications give the paper:
A good dimensional stability.  When the evenly moistened paper dries, it will return to the original size and shape.
An excellent printability. This paper is able to record even the smallest details in  prints.
A very high strength.
A durability and incorruptibility over time.

Size and packaging:
15x15cm / 20x20cm / 30x30cm / 21x30cm
Per 10 sheets

Weight: 260gsm
Colour: ivory white

Manufacturer: Garzapapel (Spain)
Composition: 100% recycled cotton
Watemark: none. Embossed
Edges: 4 deckle edges
Grain direction: none. Hand made paper fibers are randomly organized.

pH: neutral (alkaline buffered)
Sizing: internal and light