JS Vieil-Hollande 250gsm 24x30cm

Joop Stoop

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This unsized paper is specifically designed for intaglio printers. The absence of sizing makes it very flexible, and it takes printing ink with great finesse. A particular point, soaking must be made by impregnation (water spraying) rather than by immersion in a water tray. This paper also works very well for blockprinting and letterpress.

Sizes and packaging:
24x30cm / 25 sheets

Weight: 250gsm
Colour: white
Manufactured by : Joop Stoop
Composition : 50 % cotton et 50% alpha cellulose
Watermark : non
Edges: cut for 24x30cm size
Grain direction: 65cm edge
pH: neutral (alkaline buffered)
Sizing: none