Opal 250gsm

Joop Stoop

1,92 € tax incl.

1,92 € tax excl.


The JS Opal was developed for intaglio printing. Its fine grain and its sizing (only internal) make it suitable for all techniques, but especially for silkscreen printing. It is available in 180gsm, 250gsm and 300gsm.

Sizes and packaging:
50x65cm per sheet (10 sheets minimum)
56x76cm per sheet (10 sheets minimum)
76x112cm per sheet (10 sheets minimum)

Weight: 250gsm
Colour: white
Manufactured by: Joop Stoop
Composition: 100% cotton
Watermark: no
Edges: deckle imitation on long edge, cut on short
Grain direction: long edge

pH: neutral (alkaline buffered)
Sizing: internal

50x65cm per sheet, minimum 10 sheets:2,05€ tax incl.
50x65cm per sheet over 50 sheets: 1,70€
tax incl.
56x76cm per sheet, minimum 10 sheets: 2,60€ tax incl.
56x76cm per sheet over 50 sheets: 2,20€ tax incl.
76x112cm per sheet, minimum 10 sheets: 4,50€ tax incl.
76x112cm per sheet over 50 sheets: 4,3
€ tax incl.