Avisol 310 cleaner

11,75 € tax incl.

11,75 € tax excl.


1l and 5l jerricans.

Avisol 310 is an universal cleaner for tools and materials. It removes leftover ink from your brayers, rollers, stones, plates of all kinds.
It is recommanded for cleaning rubber and synthetic material because of its non-aggressive properties.

This odorless product is weak in hydrocarbons, whose evaporation adds to formation of the ozone layer (under the influence of solar light). At such a high level, the ozone could damage plants and trees, and human and animal respiratory tracks, lungs, and hearts. Avisol 310 is a first step towards reducing hydrocarbons; it contains less than 10% of the amount in standard products. Naturally, this product does not contain any chlorine. In addition, the 10% included is completely biodegradable, and is thus almost harmless.

Contains less than 10% hydrocarbons
Can be diluted with water
Inflammable only above 40°C
Excellent evaporation. Ideal for cleaning tools.