Stencil remover Fotechem 2005

18,08 € tax incl.

18,08 € tax excl.


Available in 1kg jars and 5kg jars.

Stencil remover Fotechem 2005  is a thick paste, ready to use, for the decoating of most stencil materials.

Brush Fotechem 2005 onto both sides of the cleaned stencil with the round brush.
Let stand or continue to brush (this paste should not dry in on the mesh).
Then spray out with water. Recommended is the use of a high pressure device.

Important is that the ink residues are removed completely after printing and before they dry in. Use the H2O cleaner in case of waterbased inks use. To speed up the removal action degrease the stencil after cleaning with the degreaser Fotechem 2003. Then only apply the paste

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