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Professional gouges for wood and lino cutting, manufactured by the swiss company Pfeil.
Wooden pear handle with oil finish.
Blade made of chrome vanadium steel.
Blade length: 80mm
Overall length: 135mm
All pfeil gouges are sharpened and honed, ready to use.

Set of following gouges for fine works: L1s/8, L11/2, L11/0,5, L8/3, L15/2 et L12/1

Cutting edges diagram:

First digit denotes profile of the cutting edge.
For example: 1=flat (chisel), 5=curved (almost flat), 11= U-shape, 12 = V-shape

Second digit denotes width of cutting-edge, measured side to side in mm.
L12/1 = 1mm, B5 /12 = 12mm

L1s/8 : flat gouge (chisel) oblique 8mm
L11/2 : curved gouge 2mm
L11/0,5 : curved gouge 0,5mm
L8/3 : curved gouge 3mm
L15/2 : -shaped gouge 2mm
L12/1 : V-shaped gouge 1mm

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