Aquatint box BGA-80 (*)


1 560,00 € tax incl.

1 560,00 € tax excl.


External dimensions (with table): 99x79x214cm.
Weight : 115 kg.
Made of 19mm MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard).
The handle can be set on left or right side.
Takes plates up to 70x90cm.

This box is made of 2 parts (upper and lower) for pratical reasons (handling and shipping).

The height of the upper section encourages very even powdering. The handle set and precision ball bearings permit flexible, regular movement. Very smooth inner walls prevent the dust from sticking. Suction handle opens for access to inner grid.

It is advided to introduce 5 to 7 kilo of powdered resin (du to the fly-wheel type of the box).

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