Copper sulphate

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Copper sulphate pentahydrate (CuSo4 + 5H2O)

A solution of copper sulphate is an excellent mordant for Zinc and Aluminium.

By adding cooking salt, the solution becomes more active and decreases the building of sediments inside the bitten areas.
Oxides must be removed from the bath to keep the solution clean and extend its useable life.

Two sizes are available: 1kg & 3kg


Saline copper sulphate etch for ZINC :

75gms copper sulphate
75gms sodium chloride (salt)
1 liter water.

Saline copper sulphate etch for ALUMINIUM :

75gms copper sulphate
140gms sodium chloride (salt)
1 liter water.

(sources :Friedhard Kiekeben, extract from « The contemporary Printmaker », K. Howard, White-Cross Press, 2003)

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