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Iron chloride powder

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Available in 0,5kg and 1kg plastic cans
To dissolve in water.

This product is considered ideal for etching copper. It gives a dependable, even result, and does not develop irritating gas. During the procedure, one must survey that the liquid remains in motion.
Caution : it can leave rust stains on cloth.

Warning! Always pour the powder in small quantities into the water, and not the opposite (risk of projections). Proceed to the preparation in a well ventilated area.
To obtain 1 liter of iron chloride, dissolve 500g into 750ml of water.
The density will be 43°Bé (40%). Read 1.424g/cm³ on your areometer.

Store in a cool, dry and dark place.
After preparation, label the plastic jerrican. Well sealed.


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