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Nitric acid

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To prepare etch gum for lithography on stone and used for metal etching.
Concentration of 53%. This is too strong for etching and must be diluted.

Two capacities are available:
1l bottles & 5l jerricans.

This concentration is much too strong for etching and must be diluted, in the following proportions for example: 20% for linear work, 10% for more delicate work, such as aquatint.

To obtain 10% : 1 liter of 50% contains 500ml pure acid and 500ml water. 10% equals 100ml acid and 900ml water. 100ml pure acid is the equivalent of 200ml of product purchased, so 200ml (of 50%) added to 800ml water brings us to 10%.

Do not forget that you must always add acid to water in small quantities!

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