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    Abrasive powder made of silicon carbide, used in lithogragraphy to grind stones and in intaglio for the technique...

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    Acrylic binder for carborundum technique and collagraphy.Can be used on both metal and plastic plates well...

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    Akua carborundum gel comes in 236ml jar (8oz.) The Akua Carborundum Gel for Platemaking is used to create collagraph...

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    The JS Opal was developed for intaglio printing. Its fine grain and its sizing (only internal) make it suitable for...

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    Grey Lino, 3.2mm thick.With its homogeneous, velvety surface, this product lends itself perfectly to engraving...

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    A paper with a light grain, ideal for etching: its ability to print even the smallest details is exceptional.

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    The Simili Japon is an ideal paper for lithographic printing. With its luminous ivory white, it has a very fine and...

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