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    1l and 5l jerricans. Avisol 310 is an universal cleaner for tools and materials. It removes leftover ink from your...

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    100% cotton apronDark greyLogo silkscreen printed in Maya blue and warm yellowUniversal size32x20cm double pocket

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    Size: 500ml Injection tube made of highly resistant polyethylene to contain all sorts of solvents to be projected by...

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    JS hand soap is a magic soap!First apply dry, then wash hands and brush nails and finally rince with water... Ink...

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    The JS Typo is a heavy weight paper that's also very soft and flexible. It is specifically designed for letterpress...

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    Lino-Print 3.2mm thick.With its homogeneous, velvety surface, this product lends itself perfectly to engraving...

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    A blotting paper with a smooth surface used for drying prints. Thickness is circa 1mm. Sizes: 60x80cm and...

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    The thickness is 1,1mm.Plates are mirror-like polished and protected by a plastic film. Several sizes are...

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