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  • from 10,17 € In Stock

    1l and 5l jerricans. Avisol 310 is an universal cleaner for tools and materials. It removes leftover ink from your...

    from 10,17 €
  • from 4,92 € Out of stock

    Size: 500ml Injection tube made of highly resistant polyethylene to contain all sorts of solvents to be projected by...

    4,92 €
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  • from 9,50 € In Stock

    Available in 100ml & 500ml bottles. The universal drier replaces Mn/Co drier, characterised by a combination of...

    from 9,50 €
  • from 1,46 € In Stock

    Empty tube of 100ml. Ideal for stocking mixed ink and to prevent from drying.

    1,46 €
  • from 9,04 € In Stock

    400ml bottle.This product allows a better conservation of the ink. This anti skinning product is especially designed...

    9,04 €
  • from 5,29 € In Stock

    Bag of 0.5kgCalcium carbonate in powder form.

    5,29 €
  • from 14,50 € In Stock

    0,5 liter bottle. Reducing oil is the most common additive for ink preparation.Oils are classified on a scale from...

    14,50 €
  • from 14,50 € Out of stock

    0,5 liter bottle. Reducing oil is the most common additive for ink preparation.Oils are classified on a scale from...

    14,50 €
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  • from 12,79 € In Stock

    Soft Wipe is a modifier for intaglio inks that facilitates ink distribution on plate and wiping off.

    from 12,79 €
  • from 6,63 € Out of stock

    75ml bottle. it is used as a thinner to obtain more fluid Charbonnel Aqua wash inks that are considered to be too thick.

    6,63 €
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  • from 16,17 € Out of stock

    237ml jar. Mag mix (Ink Stiffener) was formerly called Oil Converter. When mixed with Akua Intaglio, Akua Ink...

    16,17 €
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  • from 17,33 € In Stock

    237ml jar. It is used for making ghost prints. A ghost print is the second print from a monotype plate that has been...

    17,33 €
  • from 9,67 € In Stock

    118ml bottle. Blending Medium is used with Akua Intaglio ink to thin the ink for brushwork, wash effects or use it as...

    9,67 €
  • from 8,21 € Out of stock

    Tack Thickener thickens Akua Liquid Pigment for heavier roll-up applications. It can be used for creating denser Akua...

    8,21 €
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  • from 21,75 € Out of stock

    1 ltr can

    21,75 €
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  • from 21,75 € In Stock
27 Products found

Nos meilleures ventes

  • from 1,71 € In Stock

    The JS Opal was developed for intaglio printing. Its fine grain and its sizing (only internal) make it suitable for...

    from 1,71 €
  • from 1,92 € In Stock

    Grey Lino, 3.2mm thick.With its homogeneous, velvety surface, this product lends itself perfectly to engraving...

    from 1,92 €
  • from 2,08 € Product available with different options

    A paper with a light grain, ideal for etching: its ability to print even the smallest details is exceptional.

    from 2,08 €
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  • from 1,21 € Out of stock

    The thickness is 0,8mm.Plates are unpolished and protected by a plastic film. Several sizes are available:9x12cm /...

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